Starting An Ebay Business

Starting an ebay business

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Online Auction Success With an Ebay Business Is Attainable.


eBay, the multinational internet based consumer-to-consumer company was founded in 1995 and is currently a multibillion dollar corporation with operations in over 30 countries worldwide. As a shopping and auction website, people all around the world have turned to the site to buy and sell a wide variety of services and goods.

The great thing about eBay is that anyone can trade on the site; just as long as you have registered and have a legitimate account. You can list things personally or find ideas on starting an ebay store. As such, as a venturing entrepreneur, starting an eBay business is something that you could opt to do to gain some revenue as a trader on the site. To understand what it will entail to venture in to eBay and how to become and remain profitable, this guide will assist you in making the right decisions and may keep you from making costly mistakes.

How To Start An Ebay Business


Start small and simple


The first major tip on starting an eBay business from home is to start small; keep things simple. First mistake most first time traders on eBay do is try and start too big. While your dream is to become a force on the site, it is essential that you first take time to establish and understand the eBay market. The best thing to do is to start with something you already know about and can easily market- from there, you can slowly grow and slowly add more new products and services.


Listing- Make it easy


A listing is the description of a product or service you are selling providing all the necessary details about it, its function, use and shipping terms. To keep your customers captivated, ensure that your listing is as easy, as informative and as short as it possibly can be. Many people simply ignore long listings because to them, they are time-consuming and boring.




When creating your listings, it is extremely important that describe your items and products accurately- this is in terms of the product’s or item’s size, color, length, height, weight, condition and so on. As people acquire things online, they only trust that what they have been told or have seen on the photos is what they will get. By giving inaccurate information from what you have to offer, you may calling for unwanted trouble for your business.




Starting an eBay business is just like starting a normal business. The main aim of venturing to business is to eventually become profitable. As an entrepreneur venturing to eBay to do business, it is important that you correctly price your items, products and services if you are to become profitable. Just because you have not made any sales in a week or two doesn’t mean you short charge yourself or be comfortable taking a loss.


Study the market


The eBay market fluctuates often. Something that was selling yesterday could all of a sudden become defunct today. One of the most important aspects of working on eBay is to continually study market trends on different items. For instance, there are items that will only sell on eBay and not anywhere else. At the same time, learning the perfect times to list your items will most certainly help you capture more traffic. By understanding your market and getting to know what they want, when they want it and when they are searching for it will make it easier to know when to start your item auction- letting you master your eBay market.


Be legit, stay legit


When starting an eBay business, it is very important that you stick to eBay’s rules and conditions of working on the site. Always abide by selling authentic and legal things. One thing that eBay discourages is the sale of things that violate infringement, trademark and copyright laws and reserve the right to shut down your store if found guilty. It is not worth the risk to be shut down just because of selling some cheap and fake products all in the bid to make a quick buck.

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Use delivery or insurance confirmation


The eBay market is rather big, and because of its virtual nature, sometimes things can get messed up. From the order to dispatch to actually delivery, there is a lot that takes place. As such, it is not uncommon to hear of cases where someone claims they never received what they ordered. To stay safe, always use delivery or insurance confirmations on all things you have to offer. This way, if a customer claims they never got what they requested, you have proof that you sent it to them.

Most of all, when starting an eBay business, it is important to ensure that all registration details are worked out and finalized. Nothing is worse than receiving requests to verify your account or facing eminent closure because you have not fulfilled all eBay requirements to handle business on the site. By following up on these simple tips, starting a profitable eBay business will become something you can achieve.

You can search around for Ebay business ideas. There are so many ways to go that it’s virtually impossible for you not to find a niche thats profitable.

Good Luck.

Questions and Answers

How do I start an eBay business?I have been selling things on ebay for a while now, buying and reselling items. However, I want to start a proper ebay shop buying wholesale and reselling. How do I do this? Do I need to become self-employed? Really looking for a step-by-step guide. Thanks in advance!

Posted by cattyk
JoseHere are a few steps you should take before you consider starting an Ebay business:1. Research Ebay for products that are selling well. Doing this research upfront will provide you with the essential knowledge of how start a Ebay business.
2. Scour your belongings for things that you don’t need or use. Everything is a potential product that you could be selling to make money from Ebay. Although you may want to ultimately sell your own products, selling some of your belongings that you no longer want is a good way to get started on Ebay. It will give you the experience to allow you to move on to bigger and better things.
3. See how much every item you decide on selling is listed for. This will give you an idea of how much you should sell your item for. Decide on the lowest price you will allow for your item. Even if other people are paying a certain amount for others similar items, don’t list your item for the same price. Some people may be willing to pay this much, but they don’t necessarily want to start bidding at that price.
4. Join Ebay Now For Free if you don’t have an account yet.
5. Setup an account with Paypal. A Paypal account is free to open and allows you to send and receive money to other Paypal account holders and accept credit card payments.
6. Learn about the costs of selling on Ebay. You will have to spend a small amount of money before you start making money from Ebay. There is a listing fee, a final value fee, and if you use Paypal for your venture you will pay a fee there too. Learn what those fees are before you list your item so you will know your costs and your profit.
7. Read Ebay’s Terms of Agreement, so understand exactly what you can or cannot do or sell.
8. Consider using a Drop Shipping company. If you want to learn more about drop shipping read the Drop Shipping for Idiots Guide.

How to start a eBay business?Is eBay business is makes you real money?

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JoseWhen starting an eBay business, one of the first things that you can do is to clean out your garage, basement, or attic. Not only will this help you clear out some unused items, but it will also give you some experience selling items. You should really have some experience before you start purchasing inventory in bulk.Start out by selling items such as small appliances, used items, old books, clothes, and gifts that you never used. If you have a lot of clothing but none of it is particularly fashionable or designer, then consider selling it in a lot. Put 5-10 items together and list them like that. When you are starting an eBay business one of the first things that you will learn is that people like thinking that they are getting a great deal on items, and many people use eBay to stock their own inventory.Starting an eBay business can be challenging. You need to find what sells on eBay first, and it might take you awhile to find your niche, but there is potential there to earn a good deal of money. Although it can be trial and error when it comes to knowing what to sell and how much to sell it for, experience will win out over most of the ebooks and expensive guides that are on the market.

How do I start an ebay business?I’d like to know exactly what I need to do since I’ve never done any selling on Ebay. I’m a stay at home mom and would like to start a brusiness selling clothing mostly and some books/cds/dvds. What are the start up costs? I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks!

Posted by Carrie

JoseIt is free to get started on Ebay. You simply pay a small listing fee and final selling fee for each item that you list for sale. Ebay makes it easy to get started.You will sell a lot more if you have your own online store from Ebay or Prostores. There is a small monthly charge to have your own store.You can also find wholesale products that suppliers will ship directly to your customers. This is know as dropshipping. Doba, Salehoo, and Worldwide brands are my favorites.Best of luck.If you have more questions, feel free to email me.

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